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Storage Supplies Huntersville NC
October 6, 2020

Find Storage Supplies in Huntersville NC

Are you looking for self storage in the Huntersville NC area? Let Blythe Landing Self Storage take care of all your storage needs. We offer drive-up and temperature-controlled storage for both residential and commercial use. You can also rent office space and parking spaces. Even if you need extra tape or boxes, we have your back with storage supplies sold at our Huntersville NC facility. Once you find the right storage, the next step is packing. Follow these packing tips for a better storage experience!

1. Label Boxes

Labeling your boxes makes it easier to access the items inside later. Write the room of your house that the box will be unpacked into. This helps to organize your storage unit and unpacking process. You should also write down a list of the items inside each box. When you look for a specific item later, you will be happy you labeled your boxes.

2. Use Towels/Blankets as Padding

Fragile items are at risk of breaking when there is no padding in the box with them. Towels, blankets, T-shirts, and socks all make great buffers. Then those items are still getting packed, and your fragile items stay safe.

3. Reinforce Your Box Supply

When packing up a house, you will take all the boxes you can get. Be sure to check the durability of each one before attempting to store items inside. Store your lighter items in old or worn out boxes, and use your sturdiest ones for the heavy items. You can buy new boxes in our office. A percentage of the sales from our storage supplies will go to Susan G. Komen for the month of October to honor Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Find Storage and Storage Supplies in Huntersville NC

Blythe Landing is your storage destination. Find drive-up and temperature-controlled storage, as well as storage supplies, at our Huntersville NC facility. Our storage experts are there to help you every step of the way. Not sure what size storage unit you need? As one of the team members in the office, or use our online storage calculator. You can now rent or reserve self storage contact-free online! Browse our storage options to find the right fit for you!