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Temporary Storage Tips to Keep Your Home Like An Oasis

Working from home? Moving to a new space? Self-storage could be the missing tool you need to make your new space, maybe smaller space, feel spacious and open. Our temporary storage tips and storage units are the keys to staying organized before, during, and after a move. Find solutions for storing all your items at our Huntersville NC storage facility.

Temporary Storage Tips

  1. Use plants to keep your home office spacious but welcoming.
  2. Make your home comfy with your favorite keepsakes on display.
  3. Stage your home and store your boxes in storage.
  4. A standing desk can be your home office and save space.
  5. Use temporary storage for seasonal items you use once a year.

Find more tips and solutions for making your home the oasis you always wanted with temporary storage.

Coming Soon to Huntersville NC

Blythe Landing Self Storage is putting the final touches on our storage units in Huntersville NC so your belongings are stored properly. Reserve online now and save a storage unit for your upcoming move or home office plans.

Tim Glasow

Tim Glasow

About the Author: Tim is an SEO Strategist at Storage Asset Management in York, PA. He is a self-storage industry specialist who has written about everything from storage advice and helpful resources to industry trends. In his free time, Tim enjoys sampling craft beer and exploring the local music scene.